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Satisfying Alliances of Two
The familiar phrase “It takes two to tango” brings to mind activities that are best enjoyed in twos. While dancing alone is one way to let off steam, generally speaking, dancing reaches another level when enjoyed with a partner. Doing something synergetic with another person—whether dancing, paddling a canoe, or playing a game of tennis—can be wholly satisfying.

By nature, the world of wine seems to provoke a number of satisfying alliances of two. One could argue that this is the basis for wine’s incredible popularity. Here are a few examples:

Two people sharing a bottle of wine: Need I say more? Certainly, drinking wine by yourself is a good way to calm the nerves, but enjoying it with another person can change the sensory experience on many levels. Just the act of being together for mutual enjoyment will bring out the best in a shared bottle. Sharing your thoughts on flavors, aromas, and style while pondering a glass tends to accentuate the desirable characteristics of any wine.     
Two wines at a meal: Many varietals in Toad Hollow’s portfolio of wines have an affinity for one another, especially when served with a multi-course meal. Take, for instance, the duo of our Un-oaked Chardonnay and our Lodi Cabernet. The two wines have the flavor spectrum covered. When planning a meal for you and your best friend, you cannot go wrong serving this varietal pairing with dishes ranging from veggies to fish, fowl, beef, and even a chocolate dessert.

A food and wine complement: Probably the most sublime expression of a tango of two is a food or dish that pairs seamlessly with a varietal. A crisp and tasty Toad Hollow Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir with a starter salad of fresh seasonal fruit and a few toasted walnuts rouses the palate. A second course of grilled Sonoma sausages with Toad Hollow Pinot Noir to follow drives the enjoyment home like an ace tennis serve.

We hope you enjoy a bottle of Toad Hollow before, during, or after your favorite tango!

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