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Love Is Blind

Love is blind—an interesting concept. The belief that love blinds one to obvious faults or imperfections in another person. Personality flaws or annoying personal habits are lost in a tsunami of emotion.  

The phrase has been around since Chaucer’s The Merchant’s Tale: “For love is blynd and may not see.” It was a favorite line for Shakespeare, who used it in three of his plays: The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Henry V, and The Merchant of Venice. A lighter use of the term is from J. Mason Brewer’s Worser Days and Better Times (1965): “I don’t make love by the garden gate, for love is blind, but the neighbors ain’t.”

In the wine business, the concept is a double-edged sword. While tasting wine blind, one is acutely aware of flaws—that can be the whole point. Then again, a wine tasted blind might offer far more delightful qualities than the same wine tasted unconsciously from a glass at a dinner party. Either result is enlightening. Blind tasting can be an educational and a fun exercise. 

Why taste wine blind? Tasting a wine blind is one of the best ways to formulate an unbiased opinion about the wine. A lot of factors may sway your opinion about a certain wine, such as knowing its price or thinking you don’t like a certain varietal. The best way to make an honest assessment about a wine is to go into the tasting exercise knowing nothing about it. Another reason to taste wine blind is that it forces you to concentrate on every nuance of the wine. Without the distraction of preconceived notions, the taster tries hard to identify aromas, structure, and flavor. Tasting wine blind is a great way to hone your senses for wine.  To taste wine blind, you can either blindfold yourself or disguise the bottle by wrapping it in a bag or foil.

Since it is February, the month for lovers of both wine and people, we here at the Hollow suggest a fun exercise for couples that combines the romantic and the scholastic. Each of you brings a surprise wine to dinner (preferably at one’s home), and you take turns blindfolding each other and sharing clues about the wines you’ve brought, until one partner either gives up or guesses. While your loved one is blindfolded and concentrating on the subtleties of that lovely Toad Hollow Pinot Noir, slip a small gift of jewelry, concert tickets, or game tickets under his or her unsuspecting nose!

It is guaranteed that this experience and the Toad Hollow wine will be locked into your loved one’s memory for some time to come. 

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